Oracle SQL Developer: find methods in packages/functions/procedures

I work in a team with senior developers. We create awefull brilliant functionality 😉 but … where is it? Do you recognise this?

Well next query when you run it in Oracle SQL Developer it may help you as it did me:

select prc.owner
|| prc.owner
|| ':' || prc.object_type
|| ':' || prc.object_name
|| ':' || decode(prc.procedure_name, null, 1
,( select min(line) + 1 as line
from all_source
where regexp_like(text,'^\s*(procedure|function)\s+'||prc.procedure_name||'\W','im')
and owner = prc.owner
and name = prc.object_name
and type = prc.object_type
) -- line
||':'||0 -- column
||':'||prc.owner || '.' || prc.object_name || nullif('.' || prc.procedure_name,'.')
||':oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.grid.DefaultDrillLink' as "Jump to it"
from all_procedures prc
where (:rx_Search is null
or regexp_like(prc.object_name || chr(30) || prc.procedure_name, :rx_Search,'i')
and owner in ('ALF','CRM','HWS','KCS','SRG')
order by owner
,prc.procedure_name nulls first
,prc.overload nulls first

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