Function list for PL/SQL in Notepad++

These days I frequently use Notepad++ 6.6.9 to maintain the PL/SQL code of an Oracle database. Notepad++ is lightweight but still has nice features that help with coding.

After some experimenting I managed to get the function list to work properly, which makes navigating thru the code more easy.

First I had to find the place where to define how functions look in PL/SQL. In my case this was in the file C:\Users\H.Mol\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\functionList.xml

In this file I added in the <associationMap> section next line:

<association langID="17" id="sql_syntax"/>

Then in the <parsers> section I added next lines:

<parser id="sql_syntax" displayName="SQL-methods" commentExpr="((/\*.*?\*)/|(--.*?$))">
                  <nameExpr expr="^[\s]{0,}(function|procedure)[\s]{1,}\K[\w_]{1,}"/>

Save the file and restart Notepad++

You can find Notepad++ at

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