APEX Calender report

Another powerfull item that can be used to fight the data pile: presentation by a calendar. Oracle APEX supplies us with a simple wizzard which makes it easy to present date related data.

Because I am still learning and always trying just a bit different than standard, I found something to be aware of.

Case: An application for Helpdesk Tickets (see “Beginning Oracle Application Express”). I already have the “Form on a Report” page pair which lists the tickets and links to the Ticket details update page. Now I want to create a page with a calendar where the data links to that existing details page.

Action: Create a Calendar report page and let the link of the data point to the already existing detail page.

The link being the ticket_id ofcourse. Now APEX generates a link filling the #PRIMARY_KEY_VALUE#, but it should fill the “TICKET_ID#.

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