Interactive reports

Interactive reports are very powerfull tools of Oracle APEX, not only for the developer but also for the user. After the report has been developed you still can filter, sort, hide columns, add aggregates, highlights etc. In the current version APEX 4.1 there are however some limitations that I can’t quite understand. To mention some:

  • A with a filter on a date you cannot specify a time;
  • filtering on alfanumeric fields does not allow using the relations greater than (>), less than (<), greater-or-equal (>=), less-or-equal (<=) and between;
  • aggregate functions like min and max are not possible on alfanumeric fields.

Ofcourse there is the fact that printing of a shown interactive report is not supported. Luckily for us developers 😉

I am still learning to use this great development tool to it’s full potential so I might add some – to me – strange things later.

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